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Trying to find thread on wool processing by fermentation

I know in the last six months or so I have read a thread on here (or possibly in Livestock) regarding putting wool off the sheep into a tub of water, getting bacteria going, then using the water to clean up the next wool. Can anyone remember it and point me to it please?

Can't remember seeing it on here, I know theres a thread or two on Ravelry. Search for Fermented Suint method.

There will be stuff on the net about it as well. I thought I might try it next year.
I think you a really minging fleece is the best to start it off and it gets better with age. Bet it hums a bit, I will do my experiment in the greenhouse.

I'll do that search thanks.

Definitely think it was on Downsizers as I don't hang out on Revelry - might have been a link from Downsizers to start with but....... Smile

Here you go, bit longer than 6 months ago ...

suint process for fleece in tye search box might get more results but i used fleece and frewen as tue author lol

The benefit seems to be speed but then I'd need to wash out the lanolin so it wouldn't actually speed it up and I'd have to lug round soggy fleece twice over?

I've got to decide today whether to put some fleece aside or accept that I cannot possibly do everything I would like to do over this winter.

I'm considering training my husband to wash fleeces, he's taken to drum carding and enjoys it.
Soggy wet messy , what's for a bloke not to enjoy Laughing

Ta muchly everyone.

I would still do it this way if I had a lot of fleece to wash.

Suint bath it first and then finish it with a hot rinse.
Mistress Rose

Unless you are dyeing the wool, having some grease in it is an advantage for spinning anyway. You can then scour it properly when you have spun it.
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