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I have 2 turkeys (Bonnie & Clyde). I have had them for about a month now and I was wondering when on earth, he is going to stop displaying his wares and actually'do the job'? They are not youngsters, as they are approximately 5 years old & Bonnie has not started laying yet. Despite that they are both sooooo sweet and I can't believe I have lived this long without turkeys!

I know, they are gorgeous. They make such lovely noises. What breed are they?

Norfolk Black.

They do make lovely noises. Bonnie gets really excited over grapes and cat food. I caught her in the kitchen demolishing the cat food!

Although, she has started shouting at the postman . Laughing
wellington womble

A friend wants to board some turkeys here, for Christmas dinner. I had a vague idea you weren't supposed to keep them with chickens, though. Do they go to bed at night? And what sort of accommodation do they need?

(Sorry, I can't help with Clyde's performance issues)

Keeping them with chickens increases the chances of blackhead but worming regularly reduces the risk.Once they've reached adulthood they are at less of a risk as they've built up an immunity.

Mine had to be herded to bed every night as they preferred to roost in the trees but they drive easily.

A large shed / stable makes ideal housing with straw bales to roost on.
wellington womble

That does it. I can't have anything that doesn't go to bed. It'll be eaten inside of a day, here.

Ours seem happy to go under the pole barn... which is of course nowhere near their bed. Rolling Eyes If it rains they do go to bed, so they are not stupid... just bloody minded.

We dispatched our breeding pair that survived Xmas a couple of weeks ago. They're the first that we've allowed to get to maturity and will also be the last: No-one would come in the gate because the stag would attack them. The dog was terrified to go out and the Hen bullied the chickens mercilessly. They were also a pain to put to bed. The Geese are angels in comparison!

Ours are angels. Very domesticated.
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