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Turkish Delight recipe?

Can someone point me in the right direction for a turkish delight recipe please? I've used the search thingy and it came up with a couple of threads that mention turkish delight, and what looks like a link under the actual words, but the link seems dead Confused

Or it could be I'm a bit thick. Wink

I noticed that there are two recipes in the recipe database, any use?

not that I've ever tried to make it, as I can't stand the stuff Smile

Try Googling with "Lokum" and "recipe". That brings up loads - some with gelatine and some without. I've never made it, so I can't recommend a particular recipe.

Let us know how you get on, though. I love Turkish Delight!

I've made it twice following Hughs recipe from the RC Family Cookbook and it tastes really nice but when I coat it in icing sugar it soaks it all up and goes into a stick wet mess Confused

I would post the recipe buit it would take me hours with my typing skills...........


This was the recipe previously posted...

Great - thanks so much for that folks. Very Happy

I'll give it a go this weekend and let you know how it goes.

Do beware though, Gareth once made Turkish delight for a banquet we were doing, and left the tray cooling on a very fractionally unevan surface- the stuff 'crept' out of the tray during the course of the night (like a slimy pink slinky) and welded itself to the carpet, we still have a sticky patch a year later Rolling Eyes Moral of the story, cool it somewhere very, very flat!

I think it works better if you dust it with cornflour not icing sugar.

Both points duly noted. Wink
Sarah D

The secret is to coat it in a mixture of cornflour and icing sugar - not just one or the other.

I've used this recipe for years with success:

1 lb sugar
1/4 pint water
1 - 2 o powdered gelatine
flavouring - rose water, lemon juice, etc
2 oz icing sugar
1 o cornflour

Put sugar and water in a pan over a gentle heat, stir until dissolved, then boil to a temp of 240F. Dissolve the gelatine in a little water and bring it to the boil, then add it to the syrup, together with the flavouring. Pour into a 6" square tin and leave to set.
Dip tin into hot water and turn out on to paper spread thickly with icing sugar/cornflour. Coat well, then cut into squares with a knife dipped into hot water. Roll each square until completely coated. Pack in greasproof paper in a tin.

I'll try that next time, Or I might just dip the squares in melted chocolate and leave to set

Well, I had a go at making it over the weekend and it worked *is smug* It was a bit softer than I'd expected though and I think I'd use a bit more flavouring than the recipe suggested next time, but apart from that it was fine.

I used the cornflour and icing sugar mix as recommended to coat it in and I had no problems.

It's all very slittery though innit? Not something I'd make often, but it's nice to know I can.

Trying to cut the stuff up though, is like trying to knit fog! Very Happy

Any pics? I bet quince flavoured TD would be good.

Well done Suz Very Happy , I don't think I'll bother with it again, Only made it as the girlfriend kept going on about it and now she want's to make marshmallows!!!!!! Confused

Nope, no pics I'm afraid. I'm getting a digital camera for me 40th birthday at the end of this month though, so next time I make some, I'll take piccys. Smile

I've been trawling the net out of curiosity looking at other recipies, cos I still think the stuff I made was a bit soft. A few recipies seem to advise using cornflour in the actuall mix instead of just for coating, so I might give that a try just to see how it turns out.

I was also wondering if I could use my own rosewater. I make some every year from our climbing rose, the petals are a deep red colour, so the rosewater comes out the same lovely colour, so I was wondering if I could use that as both a flavouring and a colouring. Anyone have any thoughts? Confused

And good luck with the marshmallows Stewy, if you ever do get round to making them, you'll have to share the experience. Very Happy

The recipe I used uses cornflour and not gelatine and it was still quite soft, It's from HWF River Cottage Family cookbook

Suz wrote:
I was also wondering if I could use my own rosewater. I make some every year from our climbing rose, the petals are a deep red colour, so the rosewater comes out the same lovely colour, so I was wondering if I could use that as both a flavouring and a colouring. Anyone have any thoughts? Confused

I have never made rosewater - how do you go about it, and does it keep til the next year? I assume the flavour is better than commercial stuff too?

Re colouring, what about a couple of/few drops of beetroot juice? It's widely used as a colouring anyway, and I have seen it in a recipe for lip gloss - you'd only need a couple of drops to get the colour, it wouldn't be enough to change the flavour I think.

to make rose water you get loads of roses and distil the essence over.

you need a small still to do it - or you can cobble something together to do it

There are some recipes for rosewater on the internet which recommend puting roses in boiling water and straining off - but these are for cosmetic rosewater -and the result won't keep long and is unsuitable to be used in food or drink.

Well I aint got a still (I wish Wink ) so I just use the boiling and draining method. You're right though, it doesn't keep well, a week at the most in the fridge, which is why I was wondering about using it in TD, to get more use out of it.

At the moment I use it cosmeticly as just plain rosewater, or use it to fill the iron when I'm ironing. I don't use the deep red stuff for that obviously, I use the stuff made from our white roses.

As for not using it for food though, I've been adding it to drinks for ages and never suffered any ill effects. Confused

OK - how to do it without a still.....

put a heatprood bowl in the the middle of a pressure cooker or the big pan - put another smaller bowl or oven proof dish in the middle of that one
you can put both on the trivet in the pan to save them from direct heat

put the roses in the large pan or pressure cooker roudn the edge of the empty bowls in the middle
just cover roses with water

put a wok - or other upside down pan lid over the top of the pan and fill wok with icy cold water

heat pan - and the essences will boil off -condense on base of wok and drip back into small bowl (the double bowl arrangement stops it evapourating off again.

this is in fact functioning as a mini still

it is done about 1/4 or 1/3 of your orignal water has ended up in the small bowl and it smells strongly of roses
after practise you wil know time for set up - but at first you might tned to turn heat off and have a peek every 10 mins to see how it is going !

Try not to let it evapourate off when you got lid open so be quick !! - and get the whole thing snug fitting so you don't loose to much round the edge

oh and don't let it run too long or you will dilute the rose essence which comes off early with too much distilled water

Have fun

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