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Two hour perch session

Just returned from a quickie perch fishing session down local pits. First time ever fished the place............but rumours there are large perch to over four pounds.
After raiding my compost bin for red worms off i went.
Caught three of these beauties all about same size. How big do you reckon

500-600 g?

Huge as far as perch go. I envy you! From my childhood in the south of Norway I remember perch very well; I had my first as a 5 year old. On the west coast we fish for brown trout mostly with sea trout and salmon for the lucky. No pearch, none at all. Neither do we have pike here.

I remember the wonderful, light summer evenings at a small lake. We could catch 30 in an hour, then nothing for the rest of the night. We did not even put worms on the hook, they took the clean hook straight. We then skinned them and fried them crisp. The taste was strangely smooth and very nice.

Seeing your picture makes me just evious and wish I could be in England just now. Shocked

Please keep your pictures coming!

Edited to say welcome to Downsizer. Glad to see another fisherperson Laughing

Biggest one I ever caught was just under 3lbs from the Thames downstream of Henley. It was a great spot that you could only get to by boat. There was an overhang in the bank and a fallen tree where the perch used to lurk waiting for unwary minnows.

Seeing your fish brings back happy memories. Haven't been fishing in ages.

Good catch.

They have to be one of the most beautiful fish we have in our waters.
Largest perch I've ever caught was only about a pound a long long time ago.

Did you keep them for the pot?

I get all over the place Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Have a look at this. Laughing Laughing Laughing

thanks all for the replys.
Not quite sure what bodger means though

Hi Tom Very Happy
Click on the link in my post. It referrs to two days fishing for perch that I've had.

It doesn't. It leads to a message telling you that you aren't authorised to view it.

Oops sorry folks, no wonder he was confused. I'll go and retrieve my pictures from elsewhere and be back ASAP.

nice fishing ,i thin them in the canal now and again but ours are tiddlers at less than 1kg
tasty but bony

I had to go for miles to fetch these photos but better late than never.

I got poolside at around 9.00 am and fished with the manky old maggots that I bought from Stoke last weekend. The small rudd and perch didn't seem to mind that they were a bit grotty and I caught steadily all day. The bigger rudd didn't fancy the maggots last Tuesday and it was the same today. They much prefer the good old fashioned worm.
As soon as I'd caught a rudd I used it as live bait on a second rod using a good qality carp hook and it wasn't long before I had one of the big perch that i've been telling you about. It was pouring down with rain all day, so my appologies for some of the picture quality.

What weight do you reckon this was ? I didn't have any scales with me. I think the marks on the side of the fish may have been made by a cormorant. if it was made by another fish, it was one hell of a big one and there aren't any pike in there.

Even the tiddly perch were well worth catching.

I undoubtably missed quite a few perch bites whilst live baiting but one or two of them were strange, but some of the mystery was removed when i caught an Eric ! An Eric ?

Eric the Eel of course.

I checked my pants before I came home and no ! Eric didn't sneak home with me.

Here are a few snaps of the pool to finish off with. I didn't get home until just before 6.00 pm and i really enjoyed my day.

Anyone for a swim ?

Now I quite literally did have to go miles to catch these fish. These pictures are from my trip to NYS a couple of years ago.

On the first day of our fishing holiday in New York State with Flatiron we went boat fishing on Canandaigua .
We had a great days fishing and ended up getting sun burnt. The sun was bright and the temperature was way up into the sixties.

My first catch was a Small Mouthed Bass of about four and a half pounds.

Looey the owner of the boat also caught one.

Heres the boat we used with a 115 hp outboard on the back

We caught a hundred and odd perch between us , probably ten pickerel ( small pike ) and the two bass.

Heres a group picture of the four of us and the best of the perch.

When we got back home, Von and Louie filleted the fish and produced 14lb of perch fillets.

I have nothing to say Embarassed Embarassed except that I'm speechless and envious. Any perch here heavier than 1 kg would be short of a miracle.

Thanks for those pictures. What a fantastic looking lot they are! Wink
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