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Typing question

I've had this happen on word processor, mobile and just recently typing an ebay add
so you type something out, then go to edit a spelling mistake. Instead of the new letter shoving all the following letters forward, it types over them and you have to re-type the whole thing again.
What's it called ? and where would I look to change it.
I believe it goes back to normal when you exit and start again, but is annoying when it happens.

Push the insert button (ins)

Yep that works.

I was dealing with this today, trying to put information into a form, so I wanted to overwrite - on an Apple iMac using Microsoft Word I didn't have an Insert etc. button on the screen, nor was there anything on any menus to allow this.
After a fair bit of wasted time I found that you switch Overtype on by going to Word>Preferences > Edit and there was a list of checkboxes and I had to tick the only blank box to get it to change to overwrite. It's a bloomin' nuisance when you're constantly swapping between normal type and the other way.
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