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leeds neil

urban garden

This year I plan on turning the postage stamp sized piece of concrete my landlord calls a Ďback gardení into a space saving, micro garden.

Iím pretty sure that throughout the process I am going to make all manner of foul ups, mistakes and fumbles. hopefully with a good dose of hindsight, some DIY spirit, and a whole load of home-brew, I might just end up with a decent crop of something.

While endeavoring to bring a bit of the downsizer spirit to sunny Leeds, I thought I would document my efforts to extract every square cm of growing space. Hopefully others can learn from my mistakes, and maybe..... a triumph or two?

Good luck with your project.
How about taking lots of pics and writing an article for us on your progress?
leeds neil

it would be a pleasure

I still fondly remember my south-facing backyard of many years ago - it had a wonderful microclimate that could grow pretty much anything.


I work in leeds live outside leeds, feel freetopm me if you want any help.....
I think you could be selfsuffient in herbs and salads quite easily Razz
Nicky Colour it green

good idea - my first back garden was like that - grew tomatoes in grow bags very successfully, as it was sheltered

The other day, I came across a scribbled title of a book wich I'd made a note of some time ago "Crops in pots" (sorry, no author name).

I'm sure there are loads of similar books but this one must of caught my eye for me to have written it down.


When I was a kid my Aunty had a concreted back yard. She had all manner of pots Even an old loo planted up with numerous flowers and veg.
She used every inch of her wall space either with climbers or wall baskets.
It looked fab.

There are some useful ideas in Cab's article here.

Turn it back to soil. If it is concrete then swinging a pickaxe at concrete is a great way to releive stress Very Happy

(might take a bit of time though!)

Probably said this before, but when I had a very small garden [2up2down] in Sheffield, part patio, part earth/raised beds, I managed to grow a lot : all my own herbs, salads, and greens [perpetual spinach, followed by purple sprouting brocc], plus strawbs and rhubarb. And some flowers.

Go for it !

I'm looking forward to seeing what you achieve in your micro garden - sounds great Very Happy

If I had a small concreted yard for a back garden I'd probably grow a few small fruit trees in large pots, some English ivy up the walls, some strawberries and alpine strawberries in window boxes, gooseberries in a square pot in a corner somewhere and a few flowers somewhere.

I'd probably plant something for privacy if it were lacking such as some fast growing willow around the perimeter.
I wouldn't bother with veg if it is a very small space, just some nice fresh fruit from the trees and bushes, a nice bit of greenery and colour in the willow, flowers and ivy as well as privacy from the willow and aesthetic appeal from the ivy.

I'd get a bird table and leave nuts for pigeons, magpies and corvidae as I like larger birds, but put bird seed hanging up in the trees somewhere for the small species. (I like larger birds, magpies are so daft how they hop around like rabbits Very Happy, but they're very intelligent like parrots).

A Budleia would be good to for insects and especially butterflies which in turn would attract the swifts in summer. Often they are already present in concreted yards anyway.
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