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Jam Lady

Venison Pate (and Sausages)

It's not deer with good taste devouring my garden. What's wanted is deer that taste good. Our arrangement with the fellow who hunts our land is that we get half of what he kills. One, so far this year.

We had the back strap for Christmas dinner - seared in cast iron frying pan, then coated with Grey Poupon mustard and then bread crumbs, drizzled with EVOO. Into a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven for 15 minutes. As you can see - perfect.

This year's hunter very politely provided us not merely with dressed out venison but also chopped meat. So I'm making pate and sausage.

Ground venison, a little ground pork, ground bacon (frozen before grinding), sauteed chopped mushrooms and shallots, black pepper, fresh thyme. Well mixed by hand. Loaf pan smeared with melted butter, coated with breadcrumbs. Half the prepared meat and things. Strips of remaining uncooked venison tenderloin that were marinated with brandy layered in the middle. Add remainder of forcemeat. Topped with a couple strips of bacon, tin foil tight over top. Loaf pan in roasting pan with hot water. 325 degree Fahrenheit over for 90 minutes.

Sausage mix (venison, pork, bacon like pate but no mushrooms and shallots, somewhat more salt and 1/2 teaspoon Instacure No. 1) was put in refrigerator overnight, will stuff casings today, adding juniper berries and just a little gin before stuffing.

I need to stop cooking this well. Mr Jam Lord sees no reason to take me out to dinner if we can eat this well at home.

yum. Cool

Looks good. I like bambi burgers: Venison, onion, belly pork, bit of smoked streaky, Dijon mustard, pepper. Sweat the onion in butter before shoving everything through the mincer.
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