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Jam Lady


The young man who bow hunts our property got a nice 6 point basket buck on Sunday. (Our point system counts both antlers so 3 tines on each one.) He came by yesterday with forequarter, back quarter, back strap and boned loin.

I'm letting the meat refrigerate for a couple of days, will then cut into smaller pieces, wrap and freeze, using bones and scraps for stock.

Some delicious winter meals in our future!

I do like venison. Our butcher only has it occasionally though and then it's farmed and diced for casseroling.
Jam Lady

This is free range venison <grin>

I do stews and roasts. The back strap is very tender. I quickly brown it in a hot cast iron frying pan, then coat with coarse mustard (Grey Poupon country style) and bread crumbs, drizzle with fat (bacon grease is good) and finish briefly in a hot oven.

When combined with pork the scraps are good for chili.

And I have a meat grinder (mincer?) so there's the possibility of venison sausage in our future too.

One of the many advantages of living here in the New Forest...most of the butchers sell venison and most of it isnt farmed! I hadnt really had it before living down here and I love it...just bought several varieties of sausage from a local supplier atthefarmersmarket....venison and wild boar, venison and cranberry and venison and garlic... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

I envy you very much. Here the venison is almost impossible to find. But there are wild boars that are not bad Smile

venison is especially good for jerky as it is quite lean.

and dried sausages.

Haven't had proper wild venison in years.

When I was at hort. college, someone knew a forest ranger in Brentwood. We got assorted goodies that weren't quite up to butchers' aesthetic standards - a lovely saddle of Roe with a couple of ribs broken, game birds that a novice dog had mouthed a bit too enthusiastically in one spot. Nothing that cutting the damaged areas wouldn't fix in the kitchen.
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