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very nice but what is in it ?

at the mo im eating a bit of a bettys panneforte

choccy topping
nuts (assorted)
orange something
some complex sugars
something to stick it together

method ?

im trying to back engineer this as it is rather yummy but there were no clues on the wrapper and even the "staff"dont seem to know the recipe im a bit at a loss as to how to make this stuff at home

it is a bit like flapjack but flapjack for oligarchs Laughing

has anyone got a good panneforte recipe?
sean Not tried using the recipe myself but his stuff is usually reliable.

thanks ,that looks like a place to start Laughing


The one I have done is:
450g toasted skinned nuts (almonds usually)
300g candied fruit/peel (including citron)
200g plain flour or 150g flour, 50g ground almonds
2tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
200g icing sugar
200g honey
1tbsp water

Line 2 8" round tins with rice paper, not optional if you want to get it out.
Mix nuts, fruit, spices and flour. Dissolve sugar, honey and water, and boil until light caramel colour. Pour over dry Ingredients , mix , pour into tin, bake at 150 C for about 15-20 minutes. Should be sticky and not too dark. Cool in tin and dust with icing sugar.
I did a lot of variations, and it seems to adjust well to changes. Walnuts don't have enough crunch for me though, almonds or hazelnuts were better.

Hoiked into the database


please keep the recipes coming folks ,i will experiment and report
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