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Is it ok to be registered at two different vets?

Can't see why not. You're not restricted to going to one baker/cinema/supermarket.
The only issue I can see is making sure that they're not both treating the same animal(s) at the same time to avoid getting in a mess over meds.

Re: Vets

Is it ok to be registered at two different vets?

Absolutely. Some vets are better with small animals than agricultural.

We have two vets. We’ve had three. No drama.

But common sense dictates that all vets should know relevant history of an anim if at all possible.

Yep, I have a home vet and an away vet, one always does the vaccine boosters and then if anything needs looking at I go to whichever area I am in at the time. However, pup does not have any chronic or complex conditions that need monitoring.
Am with a third vet for work, considering registering pup there too! It might help if there is an illness outbreak that could spread or be carried from livestock to pup / vice versa.

i had 2 when i lived in two places, it worked ok even for a slightly complex thing as they just had a chat on the phone and we decided on a common plan that fitted the logistics.

as mentioned some specialise so more than one can be appropriate if you have multiple critters.

Round us the vets seem to specialise within the practise, from sheep and cattle as one set, but with pigs, horses and small animals as 3 separate vets, but all under one practise. I guess it is your preference as a vet; but I also guess that at lambing time round here all vets available become sheep vets and are pressed into service!

for £200 an hour + callout + meds most are willing to be horse doctors Laughing

i ask if they are good at/happy with the critter needing tlc

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can we have a dna test on a moo?
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Like it, dpack.
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