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Vhs to Dvd

I've got a rather splendid video of Ferguson tractors and the gadgets you can get for them..... I know, I should get out more but I like it at home! Wink

Is there a way of translating them into a DVD? I think I heard of some sort of modern cleverness but have no idea how..... Of course, I don't have a tv or video recorder anymore either but someone I know must surely and this video is sooo good that I can't bear to throw it away....

To be honest, I wouldn't mind being able to watch it again either! Wink

Jessops do it, but it's not cheap.

Plug your VHS machine into your PC and record it onth the hard drive, then burn it to DVD.

You can lash something up or you can buy a package with all the bits.

Is it really that simple? Apart from the fact that I no longer have a VHS recorder? Freecycle beckons....

Very Happy

I can't believe you posted me a link to Amazon Shocked

Don't you know I'm not allowed? Last time I visited it took an hour and a half and cost a hundred pounds.... Embarassed

I can't resist books because they are GOOD things Very Happy but I don't really have any money, which is ok apart from the book fetish....

They don't work well together Confused

How much do people like Jessops charge? I just happen to have a VHS recorder connected to my PC Very Happy.

A guy in work did mine for me, charged 5 per video.

You just want a watch of my Fergie vid don't you? Don't blame you, mind, it's fab! Wink Laughing

vhs to dvd

Did you ever get your tractor video done? I have a dual vhs/dvd machine which will record from one to another. If you still need it doing let me know.
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