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Video tape.

I have long ago accepted that video tape is obsolete technology, but I do still have a big pile of tapes, and I'm not sure I even have a working VCR.
I am fairly sure they are not easy to even give away, but you know I don't like to throw things away...
Has anyone anywhere found any good use for them.

(Yes, I have seen Castaway, I am not very convinced by that one...)

if the reel is removed from the case (be brutal with a hammer)and one side of the spool is removed (stout blade and leverage) they do "flow "into gravity in a rather charming way .

i wanted to do a few hundred in one go as an installation in a gallery but decided the fire and trip hazards just were not worth it .

They flutter nicely in the breeze - possible use as bird scarer tape?

I imagine the plastics used aren't very UV stable so outdoor use would be minimal before it turns to pollution.
I'd bin it now.

Dunno, I still run VCRs and tapes, you can still get service kits for a good many and I feel it's a bit like the difference between real paper books and "kindle"

I will continue to do so until Dvd recording to catch up !
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