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I have tried this week to get some short videos in the orchard etc.

John has been great - using his phone very professionally and the pictures etc have come out great.
There is a problem.....

I have a quite distinctive accent which is accentuated on the video unfortunately. Embarassed Kieran laughed his head off when he watched the first two we did. He says I sound like Rab C Nesbitt's wife!

Needless to say, I am horrified and depressed. I cant put these on the website.
But I cant put on an English accent or get someone else to do it for me.

1. There's almost certainly nothing wrong with your voice anyway.

2. Why can't you get someone else to do it if you're not comfortable?

I may send you them for approval.....
seriously, Im VERY Glaswegian!

I think its best if you are you, so long as they can be understood then i would say post them and if you want to redo them make kieran read tye script lol.

I'm assuming that you're going to host them on youtube and then embed from there? You could post them here first and see what we think.

If I may say (remembering a stay when you had the B&B a few years back), you have a lovely Scottish accent which would be a positive feature to any video. However, if you really aren't comfortable with it, maybe get someone else to do a commentary?

if you use a good sound recorder (digital or tape )with a decent mike and avoid the built in phone/camera mike ,ie record decent sound and edit it onto the pictures in movie maker (or whatever edit suite you can get free use of ) it might seem very different . trying to record voice with a phone or camera mike always sounds dreadful.

if you use a camera most have a jack plug for an external mike /s ,that would be much nicer than the sound from even a good modern phone.

nae rang wi speakin clyde (understanding easterhoos might be an issue for a few folk Laughing )

i recon the equipment is the problem rather than the voice Wink

ps most pooters have a socket that can take a decent mike or some even have a couple built in ,this one isnt studio quality but it is stereo and far better than a phone mike ,so a lappy or tablet with camera and mikes could do the task.
Mistress Rose

Accents always seem more pronounced on recordings, and it is a shock hearing yourself recorded. I hate to hear myself.
Ty Gwyn

I may send you them for approval.....
seriously, Im VERY Glaswegian!

So was Lulu,and did`nt she do well.

I sound as though I'm straight out of Brummie land on the 'phone and completely different otherwise. I happen to like the Glasgow accent. The only problem is that when some folks speak they use their word for something rather than the "Queen's English" word, now that can be a problem, eg. Brummies use 'orr' for 'yes'. My neighbour thinks I'm straight out of the Home Counties, and he is very Welsh. Not sure what Ty Gwyn thought of my accent when we met, but we understood each other perfectly well!
All I am saying is "just do it" it is no problem!
Ty Gwyn

Well David,you did`nt sound Brummie to me,certainly not like the Brummie i had helping me back in August/September,he must have been an Auctioneer in another life,lol.
I tend to agree with your neighbour,i understood you well,and we had a good old conversation,but did worry at times you would understand my strong deep Welsh accent,but we gone on well and had a good lunch,will have to again someday,as i need to see the landlord about some of these Wild Boar.

Okay, okay, youve persuaded me I dont sound as bad as I think I do. Now that we have mini videos - can I just embed on my website or do I have to upload or whatever to Youtube? What is the deal ?

You would have to put them on your website or youtube for me-I don't do the 'social services' of twitter etc. I feel brave coming on here! Thanks for that John, I was from the worst bit-Walsall! I had no problem with your Welsh, pity I didn't learn more of the language when I first came up here, I can do basic Welsh, but not well as I don't remember too well, and didn't do the homework! I hoped you might be up for the Royal Welsh show, Dave the butcher is there all week and he does the Smallholder show in May at Builth too.
I can't help you with the download stuff I am pretty virginal when it comes to pooting. We have a man coming to the library to help me to put photos on here with my text, and how to send photos to Aus to my friends without grief-My trouble is I forget how to.....!

I have attempted to get a You tube account but its come up in MY name. I would really like it in the Spotty Dog Cider name. Anyone?

I think you need to set up a gmail account in the name of spotty dog.

Have just wasted over an hour downloading stuff from Samsung to try to recover a video from his phone. Even following the help and the phone booklet neither of us have a Fing clue.
Sod that!

okay - have scrubbed his phone idea.
Have now got the Adult Ed flipcam. Its a Busbi Video - the thing is easy to use and I can get the video straight to the computer via a wire (no downloading crap).

I have to return this tomorrow, so Im now thinking that Ill look on ebay and buy something, as mini videoas will be a useful thing for the website and for teaching.
So, this AE Busbicam is a bit old - what should I be looking for - I want to point, press & record and I want CHEAP.
What am I looking for? My digital camera has 5 megapixels and Im happy with this.

Does your camera do video clips, I know ours does.

Otherwise what about an ipad?

Dont know how to do it on my camera. Dont want an ipad.

Ive tried emailing the minute long video to a friend to check, and it wont open. Technology! hate it!
Rob R

What do you call cheap?

under 50.

Im Scottish remember, and I dont need new, and I dont want something that will give me a massage because Ill never be able to work it. Simple, easy & cheap.
Rob R

Ouch, that really is cheap. I suspect that, for that budget, quality video will only really be possible by paying a friend for their time to shoot it with a more expensive camera.

Second hand is looking great - ebay is the place. There are flipcams with 4mb there for 5.
I just think 4mb is too small.

this sort of thing

would do the job .

tis worth looking to see if a camera will take an external mike

either go for a stills camera with a movie option or a movie camera .

optical zoom is more useful than lots of modes etc .

running on aa batteries is much handier than those that need a dedicated built in battery

if not plugged into a pooter the limiting factor is the size of the sd card memory

zoom a bit small but if you are not planning sports footage this sort of thing works much better than a phone etc


no mention of mike internal or external

4x digital zoom is a bit shabby

the lens looks a bit small ie good light only

at a guess it wont be better than a phone

very similar to mine which takes nice snaps and quite nice movies

mmm - thats interesting - I take it its a card inside, which is fine as Im used to the card thing.
Will discuss with him indoors.

He's in a mood right now, as I had an incident with the ride-on......and I have to take him to the pub later. Rolling Eyes

I'd be worried about the miner marks. They're often brutal fellows, with picks and such. Maybe even dynamite.

dang miners!

they are not as brutal as tail end rippers Laughing
Rob R

Seriously, if this is for your business it will be worth every penny to spend a bit more & get a decent optical zoom lens & some good sound quality.

As dpack says, be wary of how it operates in low light. I had such a camera that cost 100 and it was capable of taking excellent pictures, given the correct light, but every movie looked like it was shot in the 1950's!

not bad and should not be more than 75 tops although it might go high if folk notice that it has 4 sd cards with it

it was still decent value for 125 considering the sd cards

good kit is a lot better value than cheap but rubbish

maybe we are missing the point

if you only need it now and again can you borrow one ?

My NZ helpexer has shown me how to mnake movies with my little digital camera and I can view these on the computer. They too are a bit grainy, but this could have been the light - it was later afternoon in a shady orchard, so Im going to try again on a bright day.

Its the wrong time of year of course now, but its on the back burner. I think borrowing something is a good option.
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