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Liz in Ireland


My daughter's having a declutter, and most stuff I'll take to our charity shop, but I'm not sure they'll thank me for about 100 video films, Disney, comedy, Friends etc etc etc...

Any ideas what to do with them?

(I've already seen the article of knitting with the tape Rolling Eyes ...but you'd be welcome to them if you'd like a go!!)

Bin them I'm afraid. Most charity shops won't even take them unless you put them down and run away very quickly.

Yep unless you want to see if someone on free cycle wants them they are a truly obsolete technology which just needs throwing out

if you take them to a charity shop you might just cost them money as they might have to pay to dispose of them

You can use the shiny tape as bird scaring stuff in the garden...?

However, I'm on the lookout for a VCR player if anyone has one. Elderly neighbour with a ton of tapes he can't watch.
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