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Viglink infiltrators?

A link in the "attracting birds of prey" thread should take you to ebay, but instead takes you to "Viglink shopping".
Why am I seeing this site?

To find the best deals on products you’re interested in, the page you were visiting connects to VigLink Shopping. This site enables you to view multiple retailers who sell the same product. By making it easy to browse and purchase products at the best price, this site gives you more freedom to purchase from the retailer of your choice.
To learn more about how VigLink connects consumers to products, visit

At least, it took me there, it seems to have taken dpack to a motor factors...

gaskets and valves at " very good prices" , i have had no need to buy either since the 1970's and if i did it would be for a husky 49cc engine rather than a selection of car ones:roll:

it seems more tending to random than targetted

blocking the viglink script solves the issue as far as getting to the plastic raptor from hl's linky

viglink helps pay the bills and usually is unobtrusive .
misdirecting folk from a scarecrow to 2 different but unwanted sets of parts that have little to do with avian infestations seems to miss the point all round Laughing

direct to a selection of scarecrows=clever and possibly useful if a little distracting from the detail example

direct to a selection of mechanics supplies = not so much clever or useful but very distracting Laughing

viglink will be gone soon anyway.
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