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virtual naval hospital


im sure i mentioned this ages ago ,for a while it was un funded but it seems it is back ,bigger,better and more robust than it was.

a huge and potentially very useful resource .

if the interweb is available it should be available but most of it can be cloned to a few dvd disks just in case

pretty much everything one might need to know about medicine in a searchable format .
the original idea was if you can read you can mend folk or set up a hospital wherever that needs doing .
it has developed a bit since i first came across it but that original ethos is still deeply embedded in the structure .
Mistress Rose

Useful if you have a computer, but in case of disaster, you might not. A useful learning device though.

as pdf i recon it could be loaded into a kindle which would be fine with a pv panel etc.(maybe every village should have one in a farraday cage)

tis a good learning tool as you say and covers everything from the basics (the corpsmans handbook is ace )to the logistics of a major bad situation.

having had a quick look at the new improved version of the vnh several mentions of the super dooper clotting powders reminded me that i should check the packet in the farm first aid kit and the one in my chainsaw trousers for use before date

there is powder available to chuck in the hole/s before adding a big field dressing and iirc tis about 8 a packet

it could be a life saver in a variety of civilian accidents (as well as battle carp) especially if nhs ambulance response times where you are mean that a big part of the golden hour is down to the immediate local care
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