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Does anyone else watch vlogs on youtube?

I think this one would go down well with the downsizer crowd:

A blog about our life on a smallholding in the West of Ireland. We've been here 10 years now - 'blow-ins' from abroad - getting by and learning more all the time.

Interesting musical inventions for Sean as well as downsizing type ideas:

And interesting scrap-heap challenges for dpack, with an emphasis on homestead scale railway-path things:

perhaps a bit wallace and grommit to make it worthwhile to copy or base a cunning plan upon but very ingenious. i wonder why he thought "this job needs a machine on rails"

on a off rail system such as hand truck with a sliding /swiveling mount for the works would be more practical even if the carrier platform needed pegging down for the cuts.

a modified rotavator might be the simplest SHC for such a task Laughing

He seems to be fascinated by homestead scale railway anyway, as evidenced by several of his other videos, including one with a "monorail" for moving things Laughing
Mistress Rose

Have never heard of Vlogs. What is it a shortened form of?

Video Blog

There one of the big reasons I don't proudly proclaim myself as "never watching TV" Embarassed

Essentially youtube has replaced the TV watching I used to do as a younger man.... At least this way I have more choice in how I'm rotting my brain Laughing

Youtube also allows me to find British TV that I would never otherwise see. (I keep trying to imagine how most Americans would react to 8 out of 10 cats does countdown being on TV)
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