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Waffling without an iron anyone?

We've just been eating some wonderful Stroopwafels, sent to us as a present by a Dutch friend.
Delicious - so thought about making some.

Looked up recipe for example

So it is waffle mixture cooked in a pizzelle iron or maybe an icecream cone waffle maker, cut in two when just cooked and filled with a caramel syrup - lovely.

But - I don't really want to buy a waffle iron, either the sort that you put in the oven or the electric sort. It would be another thing cluttering up the kitchen that would (should) only be used a few times a year.

My mind ran on to what could I use instead. So essentially, two lumps of metal, one dished, put in the oven to pre-heat and tip in the mixture. But you'd need a bit of a spacer so you don't squelch it all out.
Maybe stacked pie dishes instead. Or one saucepan inside another?

So has anyone improvised a waffle iron out of existing ovenproof kitchen stuff?

Don't care about a neat shape, just want a good tasting result.

Cast iron pan, on the hob, and leaning something heavy on top? Almost like griddle scones / pancake?

We are on our second electric one - both Swedish. We use them a lot.

@Lorraine - waffels would be an occasional thing for us - do you purely waffle with your waffle iron or does it have lots of other uses?

General point/question - Many years back I had an electric sandwich maker - and clean it out as you might, you couldn't lift out the elements and silver fish moved in.

Does anyone else have that problem with electric waffle irons/sandwich makers etc.?

Also dislike teflon coating and want any solution to be possible to dishwasher.

Cast iron pan - don't have one - we have china/pyrex stuff for the oven and stainless steel stuff for the hob/oven. The hob is halogen, the oven is electric with fan.

My impression is you need to have hot on both sides of the waffle at once, so was trying to fake it up to do that. So thought of heating two "things" in the oven, pull out shelf, put mix into lower "thing", drop upper pre-heated matching "thing" into lower one (and there is a gap between the two things), push back in oven, leave for a couple of minutes, pull out, tip out waffle then repeat.

Now also wondering if it will work as well with a "thing" with a flat surface or you need all the waffle indentations for some reason.... heat penetration? easy release? or are they just decorative?

Hoping for someone whose actually done it.......
But suggestions are welcome.

two bits of decking plate and a fire
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