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Wanted Car Trailer............

Has anyone within a reasonable collection distance of Wiltshire got a 5ft x 3ft approx car trailer they want to sell please before we start ferreting through fleabay and the like. We need it for the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Ta muchley,

Pete and Mo XX

Mine got stolen. Sad

I've suggested before that we (Downsizer) could do with a few trailers scattered about and available for members to use. I don't recall a lot of enthusiasm, but I thought I'd mention it again.

We need ours for the larger shows we do so will need one permanently but the idea sounds good HL


I do!
It's outside my ex'es house. I'll pm you.

I also know of a trailer for sale in Bristol. Probably not quite as big as you posted but it is nigh on new and reasonably priced. PM me for more info.
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