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Jam Lady

Wanted - Primrose Seed

Help a gardener out? I would adore some fresh Primula vulgaris seed, when ripe.

GZ mentioned that she saw the first primroses in bloom.

PM me if you might oblige. Maybe there's something I can swap back at you . . .

Do they seed well? They spread well enough that it never occurred to me to trouble with seeds...

By the time it was ripe last year I'd forgot you where after some.
It wont be ripe until early June. Smile
Jam Lady

Primrose seed is very fine. One of my older gardening books suggests setting a brick in a pan of water, with a thin layer of potting mix on top. Sow the seed on the soil, do not cover (typical with fine seed) and this provides nice, moist but not soggy germinating conditions.

I used to have a plant import permit but things are now so restricted and complicated that it wasn't worth keeping. Seeds would be lovely.

They like a cool shady root run.
Anything above 15c & they wont germinate.
Ideally 10c to 12c.
When I've germinated primula species I surface sow them as Jam Lady says, then put them in the cool pantry.
They would be ok outdoors against a north wall but small seedlings are prone to browsing by molluscs hence indoors.
Mistress Rose

Did you get my PM Jam Lady.

Saw a few primroses in the woods yesterday up the track to the yard.

My order from this company popped through the door this morning. If I'd seen this post years ago, I would have ordered you some and stuck them in the post.
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