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Wanton Pig Porn!

Three in a bed! Shocked " Shove over, I can't get in"

These pictures of Patrick, Dotty and Gladys were taken this morning on a red hot sunny day and after they'd scoffed a bag of windfalls.

"I'll give you a head start"

Maude and Mildred, the two gilts are one year old today. No birthday cake but instead, plenty of apples. occasion7

I hope you've enjoyed your visit to deepest rural Gwynedd, I simply couldn't resist showing you the pigs getting one of their daily five.


lovely photos Very Happy
Rob R

Despite the title it was very 'clean' Smile

They love to get down and dirty. Very Happy
Green Rosie

Gorgeous love4

I wish they were at the bottom of my garden, I would spend hours watching them Very Happy

I do. I took a plastic garden chair up to the pig field the other day, so that I can sit under a hawthorne tree and take in the scenery. Very Happy

be careful that charm does not trump yummy Laughing

i could not think of my pal spotty pig as yummy ,miss bacon who was rather bitey no prob even though she did tame a bit .

Maurice the would be boar is off to the abattoir tomorrow. I'd got great hopes for him but unfortunately, he's not up to scratch. Crying or Very sad

Brilliant photos.

Curiosity on the boar to the abattoir - I've been told that an intact adult ram can have a very strong "ram" flavour.
No problem on that with a boar? (Obviously not ram flavour, but boar testosterone flavour.)

having eaten considerable a variety of intact and "trimmed" piggies i recon diet and breed make the major contribution to taste and reports of boar taint are not realistically a major issue.

the ladies seem to have settled in very well and the wallow is wallowy ,i recon a suitable boy will be very happy ,hope you find one asap or one to "borrow for his holidays"
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