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Washing machine diagnosis

Damn thing didn't drain.
I'll be checking the hoses for blockages and kinks, and the filter.
If I dismantle it to find the drainage pump, how can I test the pump itself for failure?
Or do I gamble 30-odd quid on replacing pump and hope for the best?
Ty Gwyn

Blocked filter I`d check first.

checks first.

if you plan to delve deeper to discover if the pump/s ( and perhaps valves ) are accessible, working or not and not part of a large unit that has to be replaced as a whole and therefore be an expensive bet that the bearings are going to make it to next tuesday starting by finding the service manual online would be good.

with many modern machines just opening the thing up needs an instruction book
Rolling Eyes
many can be fixed , somehow Wink , no matter how much they are not intended to be fixed.

Having taken out the filter, I can see/feel the propeller (wrong word but you know what I mean) of the drain pump...

It's not like I had weekend plans Laughing Rolling Eyes

I believe "impeller" is the word you are looking for.
Are you able to turn it? If no, is that because you can't reach it or because it won't turn?

All sorted!

On a totally, completely, utterly unrelated note, did you know that solid pipe "caps" can be disguised as hose connection thingies?

Embarassed Rolling Eyes Laughing
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