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Wasp Traps.

Possibly a silly question,but how do you stop your bees going in to it? Embarassed Is there something wasps likebutbees don`t?
Noticed quite a few wasps near the hive yesterday.
Mistress Rose

Not really as far as I know. If you see a lot of wasps round the hive, you perhaps should look out for a wasp nest nearby. If there are only a few, don't worry too much as the bees will deal with them, but lots, hunt for the nest.

I went to a display about honey yesterday and there were several wasps round there. Could be they are just attracted to the smell of honey at the moment.

I thought that after totally disappearing last year, the wasps would take a while to build up numbers again, but they're here with a vengeance now - every fallen apple has half a dozen eating away. I stomp them to try and prevent the dogs getting stung, as they play with the fallen apples. We've taken out two nests and think the others are from outside our orchard.

We use the classic 'jam in water in a jar with a hole in the lid' wasp trap and they always seems full of wasps, not bees. I don't think bees are as attracted to fruit. We've lost hives to wasp attacks before now, so it's good to trap as many wopses as you can even if a few bees investigate too.

What I don't like about the jam traps is the large number of moths who get attracted to the jam. As for fruit, honey bees will go for fallen plums if there's little around (also nectarines and peaches not that we have those up this hill!)...but never seen any fall in a wasp trap.

We use the leftover ullage from cider / wine / beer making: 1/3 fill an old wine bottle with the foul liquid and hang it in a fruit tree (guess near a bee hive would work??). After a few months, the bottle will be nearly full of dead wasps and flies. I've never noticed any bees in there though.

sugar teaspoon (honey is even better),vinegar tablespoon, water pint

wasp specific bait with minimal by catch apart from some flies it seems bees avoid vinegar

slice the top off a plastic squash bottle and invert it so it fits snugly in the body of the bottle and tape it there, they then cant get out again. I use sugary jammy water and some cider vinegar + a drop of detergent to break surface tension so they drown quicker
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