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Watery poo - causes?

One, perhaps two of my hens are excreting what looks almost like water. I've not had my eye on the ball because of family problems and I think it has probably been going on at least for a week. Before that I had noticed poo that was quite runny.

They are moulting at the moment so look a bit miserable anyway. Pottering about fairly normally but I think a bit subdued and definitely eating less than normal and less interested in food.

What are possible causes and what can I do? I kept chickens for three years in the past but never had any illnesses to deal with, just mites and predators. So am more ignorant than I should be about chicken health.

No idea myself. There's a handy chicken poo guide here

Thank you! Not sure it helps in this particular case - but it is interesting (or something like that) to see the range of what counts as normal chicken poo!

Yes, I was once told "everything comes out of a chicken's bottom".
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