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Wax moth

So beekeeping has its ups and downs like everything.

We are very happy with our bees and doing our best to look after them properly, but we are beginners and we are learning. This week's inspection including removing the floor, we were looking for varroa (which we did not find) but we did find LOTS of wax moth larvae. Ours is a brand new hive, with new frames and new foundation so I guess they possibly arrived with the nuc that was donated to start the hive.

What can we do about wax moth? I think the colony is relatively small but healthy, what are my options?

Usually the bees will deal with it themselves in the hive.
Having a lot in an existing colony can be an indication of weakness.
Out of the hive putting empty combs in the freezer for a couple of days will kill them.
Dave Cushman, wax moth.

excellent advice.

When you store them in the winter - check first everywhere and seperate the supers and boxes with layers of newspaper. If nothing else it will contain any that avoid detection.

Thank you, I have since found the advice on freezing frames elsewhere but it is nice to hear it here also.

Our original queen swarmed so the colony is not as numerous as before but the new one is laying well and hopefully numbers will build up in time to strengthen for winter.

If you do freeze the combs, be aware they become very brittle when sub zero so handle with care till they warm up again.

Ah, useful tip and obvious when someone tells you!
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