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Wax yield

Complete novice question: Are there different styles of bee hive that can create a larger yield of wax than others?



The type of hive makes little difference. The methods of management are more important.
If you work the bees foundationless or on unwired foundation & cut the honey comb out/off the frames/bars, & crush & strain the honey you will get a higher yield of wax than conventional beeks using centrifugal extractors.
If wax is your primary aim over honey you won't have to wait for nectar to be converted into honey. Just harvest the combs when they are built & feed the nectar back to the bees after you have extracted the wax.
This can be repeated throughout the season (judiciously), & make sure, as with honey production you leave enough stores for the bees to last them through the winter.
Mistress Rose

I would agree with Tavascarow, but if you find you can't work with unwired foundation, it is not too difficult to pull the wire out of wired foundation when you have extracted the honey/nectar.
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