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we like the beach

the humans do as well Laughing
Rob R

Great pics - especially the Ki one Very Happy

i will post some more when ive gone through them ,they had an ace time and chompski was quite well behaved ,he got the idea that being allowed to sit under a table while folk eat and tolerating that other dogs are present is rather nice .

it was a mix of hard work as well as mini holiday for me though Laughing

seeing them run on the beach was awesome and im still nursing the various dinked paws but we all had a nice time (apart from some of the marine life ,yum)

Tank traps.

Tank traps.

They don't seem to have worked.

Laughing Laughing

the blocks are fairly modern anti erosion lumps to protect the golf course afaik put in place after the shoreline roadway got washed away,there are a few bits of ww2 pill boxes to protect the landing site and boulmer airbase that have been eroded from the dunes and smashed by waves, they are in a different concrete and pebble mix

re fish ,there are some flatties that can be got from the beaches but the sea trout mostly get caught by the seine netters before they get up the estuary entrance.for tasty snacks the mussels are rather nice bbqed in a laver wrap and the rock lobsters are delicious if a bit dangeroos to hunt out on the point at low tide.even with good timing wading can be a bit iffy out there
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