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We now own it!

At last, we are very excited. We are now the proud owners of a Galician smallholding (Spain). We made our offer in Nov 07, Deposit down Dec 07 and the sale was finally completed on Friday 13th March.

We need to do a few things first such as finishing the renovation of the UK house, and rent or sell it to finance the move but we can't wait to get there.

We are going to visit it on 5th April so we can find all of the problems we missed the first time but the idea of waking up and looking over our land for the first time ever is so exciting. I am still bouncing! I just want to sing it from the roof tops! Very Happy


Brilliant news!

Congratulations Very Happy

Thanks, took ages but so worth it.
Can't wait....remind me I said that in a few years time when my clothes are rags, my nails are chipped, the sheep have savaged me and my foraging has given me stomach ache Wink

You won't be able to see, you'll be on dial-up Laughing

How exciting !
How many acres will you have, and what are you thinking of doing with them ? Are there already any fruit trees or woodland ? River/streams ?
What state is the dwelling in ? Much work to be done ?

congratulations! Have you got any pictures yet?

Mmm, I like the sound of dreams coming true... Very Happy

When did you first see it? I'd be interest to know how much the sliding pound has cost you.
Blue Sky

Well done. I hope it all goes really well for you both. The smallholding life is ace.

Simon wrote:
The smallholding life is ace.

Will someone please tell my wife that.......

Congratulations, hope it brings you everything you wish for

twoscoops wrote:
When did you first see it? I'd be interest to know how much the sliding pound has cost you.

We first saw it in November of 2007. We arranged finance and transferred the money to Spain pretty quickly, so the exchange we got was quite reasonable. If we had waited it would have been much more painful, as it was we got off lightly.
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