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We're new!

Hello everyone! We are Ian & Betty Pointer, based in Newbury, Berkshire. Some of you we may have met at Sally & Gruff's blessing in July at Penny's Farm. We live with a torti cat named Poppy, and 4 pekin bantams - the cockerel was hand reared by Jon & Angela (downsizers members Somewhere by the river) and consequently thinks he is human - certainly not a chicken. I am the gardener in the family and Ian is your man if you think your house might be about to fall down (although past retirement age, he still works - civil & structural).

Hello! wave

We were there with two small, active children. It was lovely to meet you!

Re: We're new!

although past retirement age, he still works - civil & structural.

What more can you ask in a man?

Welcome aboard! Very Happy
Boarstall Girl

Green Rosie

Bonjour from France Very Happy

Hi Ian and Betty and welcome to DS. We were at the Kennet Centre in Newbury last saturday selling our goodies in the pop-up craft fair ( in the empty store on the left towards TKMaxx ). Back there on 30th November come and say hello if you are in the vacinity.

Mo and Pete XX
MornieG Jewellery
Bodrighy Wood.
Nicky Colour it green

welcome wave

hello mum! We have the whole family here now I think Very Happy

More Pointers! Hooray! Laughing


Hello and welcome. Smile
Barefoot Andrew

hello mum! We have the whole family here now I think Very Happy

Best behaviour now then Wink

Hello! Welcome in to DS hello2 vegplot

A very warm welcome. Somewhere-by-the-river


Hello Mum!!

What can we say about the cockerel Peepa... sorry, but he was cute when little, imprinted on a human hand - no wonder he's confused! And we love him anyway, not least as he likes nothing more than a cuddle - don't we all! Laughing

Thank you for the warm welcome!

How kind you all are! We are delighted to join you all and thank you for the warmth of your welcome.

We're still laughing at the chicken of depression (thank you Nickie)
delighted to meet you on line again Chez; always happy to hear from our much loved youngsters and their friends. Looking forward to meeting Mo & Pete at the November Farmers Market in Newbury - will do our best to get along.

Hello Smile nice to see you here. We have met on a number of occasions in the past. pointerbetty

Sherbs wrote....

Shura - how lovely to hear from you..... last time I saw you you were at uni and with ribbons on your knees to boot! Sorry we didn't meet at the blessing - only on the trip home did Jon say "wasn't it lovely to see Shura again". Got the reaction who, what, where but truly sorry - we didn't recognise you (ribbons might have been a hint) but of course you've grown up now! Nell Merionwen

Hello hello2
I do believe I gave a pekin lad of yours a home a few years back. He was rather a handsome lad we named Ollie.

wow! I don't remember the ribbons. It was nice to see Jon again too. It was a lovely weekend full of meetings with people I hadn't seen for ages. I did see you there but I don't think we had an opportunity to chat. sally_in_wales

it was a rockclub night Sherbs, you had your black suede knee boots on with silk scarves tied at the knees and I made some throwaway comment about morris-dancing that made mum and dad giggle, and for some reason they've never quite forgotten it Laughing Sherbs

aaah *nods* now it all makes sense Smile Jamanda

Ooooh. Speaking of the blessing Sally, did I ask you whether or not your vicar and hubby had gone to Sidmouth folk festival? Ben thought he saw them all morrised up. sally_in_wales

not that I know of, but I wouldn't put it past them.I'll ask when I see them in a couple of weeks Cool Somewhere-by-the-river

We've got some lovely photos from the blessing, and it occurs to me to ask - how many downsizers who know Sally have seen the photos of just how beautiful she looked for her wedding? (Sorry Sally, but you were a beautiful bride and Gareth scrubbed up pretty good too Very Happy ) alison

Please put them up.

Some of us who were unable to atend are STILL waiting to see all the photos that were taken, not only of the beautiful wedding, but also of the Christening too. Wink

Okay, watch this space - I'll give hubby a (gentle) kick by way of reminder... Apologies, but we've both been flat out organising and getting back to some (very necessary) hard painting/drawing post the move - wouldn't be so much of an issue but he's a perfectionist, photographs everything in 'RAW' then has to spend hours post production... Rolling Eyes (Plus I'll have to check maximum file size having not posted pics before - some of these files are silly big!) Green Rosie

hello mum! We have the whole family here now I think Very Happy

Now I am going to have to work back through the whole thread and try and work out who everyone is in relation (literally) to each other Rolling Eyes

It's starting to be like living here. Very hard sometimes to remember who's related to whom... sally_in_wales

hello mum! We have the whole family here now I think Very Happy

Now I am going to have to work back through the whole thread and try and work out who everyone is in relation (literally) to each other Rolling Eyes

somewhere-by-the-river are my brother and his wife, I suspect its mostly Angela on keyboard here Wink pointerbetty is my mum, with dad in the background making occasional helpful comments.

...with dad in the background making occasional helpful comments.

And asking for help with cryptic crossword clues Wink

Oh, the crosswords drive me potty - the only respite is when Sally is visiting! Nell Merionwen

We only met very briefly. You were leaving as we arrived. Rusticwood

Hello, I was the one playing with sharp knives and the BBQ
I'm married to Nanny Ogg

Hello....x.x.x I have not been on the computor much lately and missed your arrival!!!...Memories of the Most Wonderful Wedding Weekend are still filling the farm with smiles....and ofcourse the majical Blessing for Chezs family.x..
I would love to see pictures too.x.x
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