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Week One - One Local Summer Challenge

We kicked this off today with quite an easy one for us

We had roast chicken, with new potatoes and broad beans

We are in Torrington in North Devon.
The free range chicken was from Leigh Farm Poultry at Beaworthy, about 12 miles South.

The spuds were from Braunton a similar distance in the opposite direction.

The beans were from the garden

The bacon with the beans was from the The Cornish Bacon Company at Holsworthy, just over the border into Corwall.

Both meats were bought at R & S Ware in Torrington. The spuds from Xanadu greengrocers over the road from the butchers.

The meal was accompanied by fine wine

and almost the last of the quince jelly

Pudding was local strawberries.

This was quite easy for us. But it will get harder in the weeks to come.
wellington womble

I challenge you in the sugar in the jelly! Wink

We had one also (although without such pretty pictures) by accident - Bacon and Eggs on toast for breakfast!

Bacon - from Foxbury farm, near Buckingham - 40 miles
eggs - Mill house farm - about 1.5 miles
bread - homemade, with flour from Wessex mill - 42 miles, although thame was mentioned on packet, which is only 8 miles, butter from upper norton dairy - 31 miles
exceptions were salt and pepper, yeast and sunflower oil in the bread

The bacon and butter are delivered as part of my usual box scheme, so no extra journeys. The eggs I get on the way home from work, the flour is delivered in bulk and the honey comes from the local farmer's market.

We both drank tap water (I presume this is also an exception?!), and I had mint tea with mint from the garden and borage honey from ellesborough (about a mile) afterwards. I also had toast and more honey.

next week I am planning new potatoes from the greenhouse with Foxbury farm chicken or five-mile lamb, and salad from the garden, if I can think of a way round the dressing issue, or whatever veg I can get if not.

Yes - but then, the salt that your bacon was cured with was possibly not local either. I made the jelly with quinces from a few hundred yards away - ditto the wine.

But it does make you think, and realise how dependent we are on transport networks - quite apposite during a fuel strike.
wellington womble

Ah, but salt is an exception! You could also challenge the tea and shortbread I had for ellevenses not long after Laughing

It does make you think. I'm having a devil of a job with salad dressing.

Is the plan that we all post our meals on the one thread?

Jonnyboy wrote:
Is the plan that we all post our meals on the one thread?

Yes, so Cab doesn't have to click on lots of different threads. Laughing

Ours this evening will be pork chops (from our own pigs) potatoes from Shropshire, broad beans from the veg. garden and some saldy stuff from the garden also. I can make gravy with some of the old chap's cider which we can also drink with the food. Pud will be strawberry ice cream: our strawberries, Rachel's cream, Calon Wen milk, our eggs and elderflowers and Chez's honey.

I'll have to make the gravy by reduction rather than by thickening though.

Pooh. judith's just pointed out that Calon Wen are based in Carmarthen, so the ice cream's out for today.

I'll make more next week with all rachel's stuff!

judith wrote:
Jonnyboy wrote:
Is the plan that we all post our meals on the one thread?

Yes, so Cab doesn't have to click on lots of different threads. Laughing

I can't help being lazy.

Our lunch today is

Beef burgers Sausages Bacon & eggs

All the meat is our own, ditto the eggs.

Added ingredients are
seasonings (in the sausage our own sage)
salt & pepper
sausage skins (saddly imported)

Followed by a cup of Tea with local (dairy is 3 miles away) milk.


Lunch yesterday was omelette with oseille (home grown) with salad (home grown) and potatoes (local). The wine wasn't local.

I had all sorts of plans, but Saturday's guests arrived early and I went into a tizzy and forgot to take any photos. Rolling Eyes So here is today's lunch made with the leftovers!

Omelette made with leftover honey-glazed ham (gammon from one of our pigs, honey from Chez), leftover boiled new potatoes (Pen-Isar-Llan Farm, Llanyblodwel - stall on the market), chopped leek and parsley (garden), eggs from our ducks. Topped with a little Merlin goat cheese (Ystrad Meurig Ceredigion)
All other salad and veggies from the garden. Damson chutney made with damsons from Pookie's tree.
Lemon balm tea with a tiny bit of honey.

Dinner tonight was CotW stir-fry with Chicken-of-the-woods foraged from a local wood about 4 miles away, yellow and purple mange-tout, french beans, onions, courgettes, carrots, garlic and garlic flower heads - all from our own garden. Served with egg fried rice which contained our own hens egg, spring onions and garlic but, alas, not our own rice yet but it was bought in bulk from Suma. All washed down our tap water!

Dinner tonight was home made sausages using Large black pork grown 5 miles away glazed with our own honey and served with organic potatoes grown 15 miles away, carrots - the same and spring greens from our nearest neighbour. The potatoes were dressed with home made butter from cream skimmed from the top of the milk collected from our friends dairy farm 7 miles away.
Pudding will be strawberries from the garden with a little more of the said cream.

I found some lovely local ice cream, and honey, and goat, chicken, pork, beef from these people.

Ellie, was lovely, put up with me and mine slurping goats milk ice cream and generally being a nuisance.

You could tell she was really passionate about what her and her husband are doing. Cool

I can feel a trial of goats milk as opposed to cows milk coming on Smile

Anyway, while I didn't take a picture, for lunch I had tomatoes from Manningtree, lettuce and nasturtuim flower salad and scrambled egg (from the allotment and garden). I had to scramble the eggs without any butter but the salt was from Maldon Very Happy
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