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Week six, One Local Summer challenge

This week's supper comes to you largely courtesy of Chez and Arvo!

After all my wingeing on the pasta-making thread, they took pity on me and lent me their magic pasta machine. Flour (Bacheldre Mill) and eggs (our chooks) go in one end, several minutes of churning go by and then something that looks and tastes pretty much like fettucine comes out the other! Great fun and my poor little rolling pin doesn't have to feel inadequate.

Add to this a rich sauce made with chicken livers (Chez & Arvo's late cockerels), onion, garlic and thyme from the garden, crispy fried lardons (our pigs, etc), a goodly splash of damson gin (friend down the road) and a bit of butter (as usual) for added richness. Serve with broccoli (garden) and it is all rather tasty if I say so myself.

Pud was a mix of strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants (garden) with a teaspoon of warmed honey (Chez) mixed in, which really brings out the flavour of the berries. Nothing else needed with them.

That dish sounds really hearty, yum!

I had salad for lunch, honest Laughing

Looks gorgeous Very Happy. I love chicken livers, but haven't had any for ages.

Whilst pottering in town this afters I discovered that I can now add wine to the list of food stuffs that I can buy from within a 50 mile radius! In fact its within 8 miles, so adding this to the 6 micro breweries, cider/perry and applejuice produced on the doorstep, I've pretty much got all the beverages covered too. Very Happy Very Happy
I LOVE living here! Very Happy

We just had a lovely ratatouille type dish for lunch, tomatoes, courgettes (of course) and onion all fried gently in loads of olive oil and then finished together with some torn basil leaves

EDIT: For got to say that there was plenty of garlic in there and a splash of white wine vinegar bubbled in at the end.
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