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tai haku

Weeping bolete? 'shroom help pls

spotted these on the way into work. Not having a) much knowledge of fungi and b) any books with me at work, I wonder if anyone can see enough from this shot to tell me if they are worth looking at again/picking on the way home.

the eternal optimist in me notes they are not entirely different in colour to saffron milkcaps (though I'm pretty sure they aren't) which I've never seen.

Fraid I can't say what they are, but I can tell you they're definitely not saffron milkcaps! Cap is the wrong shape (more concave than these) and you should be able to see the concentric circles/rings on it too. Saffron milkcaps are more peachy coloured generally and the flesh of the one thats been eaten a bit on the left is the wrong colour - they bruise an unappetising blue-green.

Hard to tell from just the one pic, could they be larch boletes (do they have gills or pores)? Just looking at the coniferous (larch?) needles surrounding them on the ground. The cap colour is similar too, but then mushrooms are so many (somewhat subjective) different shades of brown I tend to avoid any potentially easily mistakable brown mushrooms!

Might be worth picking just as an identifying experiment when you get home if nothing else! My OH frequently puts up with mushroom caps spread over various surfaces for spore tests this time of year! Laughing
tai haku

Untitled by WLA, on Flickr
Looking at the underside and the RC handbook I'm thinking Weeping Bolete (Suilllus granulatus)?

We need a lot more info. Photo of crossection, size, can you peel the top layer of skin off the cap? Why do you think it's a weeping bolete? I think you're probably right about the suillus bit as the pores look to be the right size and shape for that. And the preponderance of larch needles suggests that they could well be larch boletes as KnocknaveaghCobs said. Either way, you need to take more photos and do a spore print, cross section etc before you can be confident enough in your id to eat it.
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