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Nell Merionwen

Welcome Green Granny

Hello form Derbyshire x

Croeso! Laughing

Hello there Very Happy
Green Granny

Thanks so much! Very Happy
I should have introduced myself before launching into some of the other topics I guess.
I am in my seventies now and have been trying to "downsize" all my life I guess, remember wartime rationing, then later all the "let's find a rundown patch in Wales and do a John Seymour" stuff. Also much influenced by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. And several Franciscans I know who respect the earth.
I'm trying to educate my children and grandchildren now!
We live in Surrey and luckily have a big garden, though lots of other things I would like to do -like hens - I am frustrated by.
I've been looking for a site like this for ages - it looks great. I've already received some kafir grains Very Happy Very Happy

Welcome and good on on yah Granny Wink Very Happy

You will fit well in here ...welcome.
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