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Welcome Lisa...

Welcome aboard Very Happy Please join in...

Welcome to our site. Very Happy

Hi there, can you tell us how you found us?

Hi Lisa Very Happy
Mad Dad


Um. Hello.
I don't know how I found you! I think it might have been a google for courgettes in pots...I have some little courgettes ready to be planted out, but we are likely to be moving house in July so I don't really want to put them in grobags or beds - thought pots might be possible. Looking forward to exploring and getting to know you all a bit better.

If they are bushy ones you could try them in pots. If you have to buy pots then black buckets for 99p make a very good pot with a few holes drilled in them. They can also be moved easily with the handle. Very Happy Good luck.

I wouldn't DARE buy pots just before a move, DH would freak! I will be using some of the vast selection from the shed - whatever is biggest. None with handles, unfortunately.

Hi Lisa and welcome in!

Another alternative would be to use grobags but snip them at the top and roll down the sides (obviously there'll be a bit of compost spare but you can use that in other plants) to make sort of bag/bucket pots.

Courgettes are often recommended for growing in pots, as long as you give them plenty of water (someone else on here, I think Bernie, said she had a great crop through keeping courgettes in a permanent tray of water last year). At least in a pot the slugs and snails are less of a threat!

Hi Lisa - Welcome to the site, pleased to see you posting Laughing

Oops, and good luck with your house move when it takes place - hope everything goes smoothly Wink
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