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Welcome Tawny Owl...

A bit belated, since you're already posting, but warm nonetheless.... Very Happy

Just wanted to say hi Tawny Owl Laughing

No doubt you'll be using the site mostly at night. Welcome. Very Happy

How did you find us?

Hi there Very Happy
tawny owl

Oops, sorry, didn't realise I'd been welcomed, and didn't realise that possibly I shouldn't have posted without ...? Obviously tripped up completely here! Embarassed

Anyhow, ta very much, and apologies for belated answer.

Yes, Treacodactyl, probably will be, or at least try to, as otherwise far too tempting distraction from dull work!

Jema, found you on a general trawl round Google (on break from aforementioned work). Thought v. interesting, so decided to join.

And to Sean, Nettie and Gertie, hi to you too.

And thank you all for welcome

OK, hopefully, I have now redeemed myself, and look forward to more chats on the line!

Blue Sky

Yes T-O you are very welcome here indeed ... and sorry again for tresspassing in your quotes in that previous post. I will repent my sins with a bottle of "La Pierre" if you ever get out this way

tawny owl

I was slightly confused, I must admit. Still, I'm sure people will work it out.

Excellent - I look forward to it!


tawny owl wrote:
I was slightly confused, I must admit. Still, I'm sure people will work it out.

Nah. Everyone else here is permanently confused too Wink

Actually I think being permanently confused should be a membership criteria...I feel uncomfortable around anyone who's too sure of themselves Wink

And you haven't transgressed any rules, Tawny Owl...there aren't really any to transgress! The more you post the merrier Very Happy

Welcome Tawny owl,I think name badges, (in large print) might help. If matron isn't about.........permantly confused!
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