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I`m a healer that has escaped to the isle of skye with his family looking to swap, buy, sell share and share alike anything to do with self sustainability, permaculture, growing lots of things, land management, woods, good food and happy people. Smile

Welcome aboard. Smile

hello skye is a wonderful place but make sure you are well padded if you decide to use the cioch slabs as a slide and watch out for the leap if you do the ridge,it is wider than it looks ,jump then rope the bags over or better still climb down and up again.

re all the other stuff you have found the right place .(even if we can be a bit moany sometimes we are real and what you see online is just how we are in person, tis hard to fake being as odd and well informed and kind as the folk i have met here Laughing )

Hello from Devon hello2
Mistress Rose


Hello from Somerset wave.

I do healing, too. It's a contentious subject round here, discussion can get very robust Smile.

Hi All
Thanks for the welcome, please excuse if the posts are a bit patchy still figuring out how to use the page for posting took me 6 attempts last time to find the submit button kept jumping to forum to post til i figured out the button was right at the bottom of the page not sure if your allowed but here is a link to our project page and you can see what we are facing, Healing is contentious everywhere, more so now than 25 ears ago, after 30 years of the following as an example I`m doing much less.
Client "I am am out of options and in dire trouble with my health so now I will use you"
Healer "no surprise their then"
Client "oh surprise, shock, horror, momentary intense gratitude, I am surprised it worked so spectacularly and I am transformed, but wait mustn't tell anyone or stand up for healers it is to controversial, best keep it quiet don`t want to bring opprobrium down on my head, is a 10.00 donation all right you don`t charge do you ?, but you will be ok won`t you if I need to come back ?
Healer "of course" (privately "not really we are a dying breed and soon will be invisible replaced by healer wannabees who have no clue" I say all this based on 30 years experience of leaving cardiologists, nurses, parents and clients stunned, blown away, momentarily grateful and then simultaneously horrified at what they have just witnessed - such as brain dead girl being brought back to life with 4 skull fractures and left with no permanent brain damage blah blah blah forgive the "moan" but I have all but given up healing in western society, Healers are the last group that are both simultaneously sought out, then shunned, belittled and ignored by to many when they are finished with them - hence the move to skye. I wrote the National Guidelines for Healers in conjunction with govt agencies back in the day when real healers were more visible so I have plenty of experience. Hence the return to the land and a better life. Smile

I joined the NFSH in the mid 1990s and was a member for years. I stopped practising because I started struggling with depression. I'm moving back toward it now, but I don't think I'll ever do any more than occasional sessions. If the work is meant to come, it will come.

Skye sounds nice. Windier than Somerset, I should think Smile
Mistress Rose

Although I trained in science and have worked as an engineer, I believe that some people have the power of healing. To my mind there is nothing 'unscientific' about it; it is just something we don't understand. Perhaps one day we will, perhaps not.

Time to leave methinks.

Considering that science has got so much going on that is blindingly inexplicable, I find it bizarre that it so vehemently rejects things that it finds inexplicable just because they are magic....

Skye is at the top of the places I want to visit.
I'm in dire need of dramatic landscape & fewer people.
Cornwall has the landscape but also to many people.

I stayed on Skye about 30 years ago and it was fantastic-peaceful and dramatic in scenery, and the hotel was superb-the Skeabost I think it was called, and if it is still going well worth a trip to go there for the food!

Hi, we're down in Ayrshire, but have been on Skye doing gardening work. Lovely even in January Very Happy ....although the five extra hours on the bus journey due to snow (2015) was an experience!!
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