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Well's Poultry warning

We had trouble a couple of years ago when we ordered from them, looks like we're not the only ones as can be seen in this thread over on MSE:

Looks like Simon Wells is one of those business men that keeps bouncing back with a new company name when the old one goes into liquidation.

Thanks, Jools. It's quite a well known firm.

Exactly, which is why we used them that one time and why I'm now posting a warning here.

Don't want anybody else getting done by them.

Shame. They do / did some good kit but their customer service has been non-existent over the last 18 months or so.

Incidentally, the timer for my Wells automatic pop-hole opener failed earlier this year. After getting no response from Wells Poultry (now I know why) I sourced a much cheaper replacement here It needs a 12V battery to operate the switch but if you've got an old one lying around it'll use next to no current.

Noted - thanks for the warning.

There was a thread on here last year about them
I am a previous customer who had a bad experience with them. I've recently received emails from the new company name, and schools I work with which keep chooks and/or livestock have been bombarded with them too.
He has a cheek! Mad

One of his suppliers posted on the MSE thread, saying that he hasn't paid for the items from them, that he's selling on Amazon. Mad

I may be a small company but I'm sill here
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