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Rob R

Wetlands can help solve our climate problem

Wetlands can help solve our climate problem

Wetlands have some of the highest carbon sequestration rates because wetland plants, like mangrove trees, are fast growing and productive. For example, coastal marshes and mangroves capture an average between 6 and 8 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per hectare per year, which is about two to four times greater than global rates observed in mature tropical forests.

Wetlands also have the ability to store greater quantities of carbon because they store dead wood and plant matter in the soil and the water logged conditions prevents the material from decomposing and releasing CO2. Peatlands, for example, cover 3% of the global land area, but contain approximately 30% of all the carbon on land, equivalent to 75% of all atmospheric carbon and twice the carbon stock in the global forest biomass.
Mistress Rose

An interesting article Rob, and certainly wetlands in the UK can do a lot for reducing flooding and helping with the water supply, as well as being good grazing. On the other hand, I don't think you have too many mangrove swamps in Yorkshire; we certainly don't down here in the south. Very Happy

One problem, that has been eradicated in the UK, is particularly in brackish swamps, malarial mosquitoes breed, and can be a health hazard. That is one reason a lot of land was drained in the UK, as well as producing good farming land.
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