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What Are You Charging / Paying For Hay This Year?

Sold our first bales of hay this year - got 4.50/bale, which I thought was reasonable as it's going to be in short supply this winter. What's everyone else charging/paying for theirs?

depends on the area and the scare mongering i guess

We paid 25 per large round bale last winter and our farmer says his price is fixed for this year too Smile more local farmersare cutting for haylage this year than last around here, maybe it's the case elsewhere too where the grass is growing, after all the price hay went for down south last year will no doubt have encouraged more farmers to produce more - so the price should stay the same at least

Slightly off topic but we gave a lift to our local farmer today who told me it cost 13 per large round bale (about 12 quid) for it to be baled and bound in plastic - not sure what it would sell for once baled.

4.50 golly did you use that new gold threaded bale band Smile

Still being charged 7.50 a bale here Mad Mad Mad

Still being charged 7.50 a bale here Mad Mad Mad

Lordy were are you? I will sell you hay Smile how much do you want Smile

We are doing large bale haylege again this year as its easier to store and doesn't take up shed space..... At the prices quoted above for small bales I am wondering at my choice.

Dont know how much we'll get as waiting for sunshine. If we get an average yeild it works out at around 3.20 each COST. Thats machinery, fertiliser, rent, labour etc so i would think mate rate will be 3.50 off the field, 4-5 per bale from the barn, depending on local prices and thats only if we have excess over what i need for the winter.

Local suppliers are selling between 6.50 to 8 per bale, last years cut.

We just paid 6.90 per bale.
Mrs R

we're not selling any, and and doing everything possible not to buy, as it'll be pricey!

actual cost price after everything was 4.41 per bale. Local tack shop is selling last years meadow at 6.99 each Shocked

paying 6 for last years.... not got a price for this years yet...
Mr O

Just bought 300 bales at can $ 2.25 per bale about 1.50 per bale.
Castle Farm

There is plenty of hay around Mid Wales with some in and some still to get.

There are people scare mongering that it will be in short supply again this year, but thats a load of manure.

I didn't bother to cut this year (15 acres) and have already booked mine and it's a very good crop, bought in large square bales, they are commercial, but easier to handle than the big round bales.

The small bales are used more by smallholders than farmers and the costs are about 1 per bale to harvest (local contractor) and I think 3 is average around here.

Any hay still out there has, by now started to thicken in the stem and is not the best quality, so buyer beware.

It's a buyers market, so don't get conned into paying big money.
chicken feed

hay around here is in short supply so costs have gone up this years hay will be 3.00 - 4.50 depending on quality.

our usual supplier has turned people away and the feed merchants are very low on stock already, so its a sellers market in this area Crying or Very sad .
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