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What can I do with half a butternut squash

Trying some of the JO 30 minute recipes and so did his veg rogan josh, chapatties, carrot and chilli sald combo (and yes it can be done in 30 minutes)

But now I have the bottom half of a butternut squash as for speed he says use just the top half so you don't have to deal with the seeds. So what can I do with that.

I love butternut squash risotto. Make a basic white risotto, putting in a couple of whole dried bird's eye chillies. Roast the squash with plenty of whole cloves of garlic in their skins.

Squeeze out the garlic, chop up some rosemary very finely and mix the lot together with some olive oil.

Hoik the chillies out before serving.

Cut it into cubes. Roast them with a load of whole cloves of garlic and some rosemary.
Make roasted butternut squash and garlic risotto.

Is Sean channeling the spirit of Jamanda or vice versa? Very Happy

He makes it. I eat it.

Ach. Roast it and eat it with a spoon.

Oooh, get you with your cutlery and everything. You'll be serving stuff on plates next.

I did think the spoon was over the top but JB may be more civilised than what I am.

Pumpkin pie of course
welsh lamb

Make half the quantity of HFW Butternut squash & peanut butter soup (original recipes makes loads!)

Chop into cubes and roast around a leg of lamb (or other meat). Delish.

fill it with cheese and bake until soft...
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