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What's Growing?

One excellent thing about the house we're renting is it has a great extension/conservatory/orangery/type thing, with a ledge all the way round for putting seeds on!

I know we're going to need to move them when we move house but thought I'd go for it with a few seeds anyway.

We've sown tomatoes (moneymakers), too many in reality, many will be given away/swapped, broad beans, peas, jalapeno peppers and Arthur has sown pumpkin, a whole tray of them Laughing Oh and a tray of basil.

Also sunflowers, violas and I was given lavender seeds so giving them a go, we've only ever taken cuttings before so I'm interested to see how they do because we want a large row of lavender in the new place.

What have you sown? What you planning? It still feels very cold for seed sowing really!

Contemplating some sweetcorn, too. I know I'll be moving the whole lot to the new place but we're going to have an overlap of the rental and house purchase completion, so I'm ignoring that Wink

I know I should be sowing, but to my shame I haven't.

I might get something started over the Easter holidays.

I'm still waiting for it to warm up a bit here.

I was good with peppers, they were sown in early February, put in a propagator and most have come up - in fact all the ones which say difficult to germinate, so, inevitably the easy ones are just compost in pots so far.
Yesterday I put 5 seeds of each of 13 tomato varieties in the propagators, having just noticed the date. I'm sure I'll only have tiny plants when those around are posting pictures of their Moneymakers.
Now I'm out of heated space and wondering what to plant next, as a cold spell is forecast - lettuces, brassicas and peas I think, to go in the unheated greenhouse.

No shelter here so it all has to go outside. Not only has it been too cold,its just too wet.
Nicky Colour it green

I've held off cos of the cold too - but I have broadbeans in pots in the greenhouse and just sown tomatoes in the propagator

I've got red broad beans,red onion sets and garlic planted last Autumn.
Only about half the broad beans have survived,because we had cold without the snow blanket Confused I haven't properly checked the onions yet.
wellington womble

Carrots. I showed them yesterday. We were going to plant pumpkins, but I have no seed. I did a big muck out and fertilised all the beds, though, so I’m itching to get started now.
Mistress Rose

I haven't had time and it has been too cold. I have bought my seeds and my potatoes are chitting up happily. I am hoping to at least get the compost heap moved and the onion sets in next weekend, then sow some seeds to start off indoors.

Runner beans, more broad beans and a few butternut squash went in today.

I'd normally sow broad beans and runners directly but as we might not be in the new house until early May, thought I'd do a few in peat pots so we didn't miss out Smile

Willow helped Smile
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