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What ways to recycle ... empty coffee tins

I've got large numbers of empty 250g Illy coffee tins, and I am looking for ways to reuse them. I had used them to hold screws, nails etc, but as they are not see-through, they were not great.

The tins are about 5" wide, 8" tall and have screw-on lids.

They're excellent for storing ground coffee.
Nell Merionwen

scratch I can't quite figure out what the 1914 - 1980 Average Minimum Wages paid to Ordinary Agricultural Labourers for Basic Hours has to do with reusing ideas for empty coffee tins.

I suspect it was meant to go on to Hairyloon's Old money thread.

You could keep everything you earned in one.

They're excellent for storing ground coffee.

I'm afraid I grind my coffee seconds before I make a cup, so no need to store pre-ground coffee. And neither do I need them all to store coffee beans ... I have far too many empty tins for that.

You could keep everything you earned in one.

I do use one for any spare foreign money I happen to collect on my travels. But I only need 1 tin for that.
Jo S

eBay? Tavascarow

They make excellent wood burning camping stoves. alice

.....and stilts

feeders .filters ,pipes ,roof shingles ,washers ,etc etc etc

tinned sheet steel is very useful for many make do mends

All sorts of gardening stuff in the shed:
wine corks to put on the tops of canes to prevent accidental blinding
Bits of that green plastic covered twisty wire for re-use
Hanging basket hooks

You could always use them as a base for a herb spiral. Shan

Switch to bags of beans and store the beans in the tins.
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