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what we've been up to...

For those who know of us (mostly those who know Sally-in-Wales as we're reasonably new to Downsizers), and/or those who may be interested, we are both exhibiting this weekend in Wiltshire. The link below will take you to pages where you can see what we've been up to most recently:

(Jon usually paints in oils, but just occasionally can be persuaded to do some of his fab drawings too Smile )


Oooh. Are you Sally's brother who did the big tiger paintings?

Yep, that's my talented other half! This is our second joint exhibition (though we've exhibited at other, larger shows together before). ...I live in hopes of having one of his paintings on my wall one day Laughing

Wow, if my house ever sells...

Oh my goodness, the leaping hare is beautiful.

ETA ... both hares. Gosh. Stunning

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