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What wood burner?

I would love an old aga, but I don't think I will be able to get one at the price I want to pay. So, what is a good wood burning oven? It will only be used from November to March. Fire wood is not a problem, we have lots of it. The main function of it would be, cooking, then a general heating of the house. It wouldn't be used to run central heating, but getting hot water from it would be a real bonus. I would love to hear from people who are using wood burners, which one they use and what they think of them.... Smile

im not sure which stove but allow for a proper flue liner and all its bits.

it will be safe and much less bother long term than a bodged one.

Yup, a little money spent at the start saves a lot of money later on... thanks for the input...
Green Rosie

We have a woodburner with a top hot plate that we cook on all through the winter. No oven though, which I would love. It was pretty expensive (a Godin) but we got a grant. It is also very efficient and heats pretty much the whole house when we leave the doors open. It's this one although in black and not shiny!

Nicky Colour it green

I've got this one from Dean Forge - though it's in a house not on the moors as shown Laughing - great little woodburner - a relative has the version with a back boiler and is very happy with it.

I also have an esse ironheart - which went in this year

which does hot water and an oven - we cook on it all the time - we wont in summer though. The ironheart has been ace so far. Not a cheap option - though they come up secondhard
Mr O

I have a Bosky, keeps me warm in Canada

The esse looks great, that is the kind of thing we were thinking of, the feature I like apart from cooking, heating and hotwater, is that with that glass door, we can sit in front of it as if it were an open fire... Many thanks everyone! Smile

We will soon have a container for storage on our land and will be looking to buy a few things for the future... If any one at any time is selling a good woodburning stove (something like the above mentioned esse ironheart) then let me know please, sometimes it is cheaper to ship items over here than trying to buy an inferior item here for the same price.
Mistress Rose

We were looking a little while ago and thought a Warmsler looked a reasonably priced possibility. Not as well built as some, and wouldn't last 30+ years as some of the more solid ones might imo, but looked good for us.

We have a Clearview multifuel and sometimes cook on the top of that. Like Green Rosie, we leave the lounge door open and it keeps the chill off the rest of the house during the night, and keeps the heating off during the evening and morning quite often.
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