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Whats about at present

Have not been sea fishing for a while and i know March/Apil is nomally slow but wondered what was about at present from the shore around the southwest area as im in Bristol

I don't know about your particular area, but April tends to be a bit of an inbetween month. The summer species havent generally landed and the winter ones are moving out. Plaice should move inshore this month though.


I've read some catch reports from that the plaice are starting to show on the south coast.

I moved from Portishead last year and used to fish along the Bristol channel. There is usually a spring codling run around Easter time, if you have a look on the veals mail order site, there is a pretty good forum with catch reports, baits and rig chat. Worth a look, good luck.


Thanks will do that

Hi willow,
Normally this time of year the winter cod is off barry on the welsh coast and flounder is found of the nash head , there may be a possibility of some ray around foreland point on the english side as the local trawlers / liners work down that way in the winter.
Plaice in the bristol channel has been scarce for many a year and would be a waste off time just targeting that spieces , but flounder , cod and ray should be around on the muddy beaches by the avon

I live around Bristol also and have fished the channel for thirty years. There are still a few decent cod about from battery point, lady bay or sand point but to peeler or squid baits. Thornback rays ae moving in quite fast now and can be caught all along clevedon and portishead bays. Kingston Seymour wall very good on big spring tides.
Apart from Rays all is quiet.
Oh yeah if you enjoy catching flounders then go up and fish Aust or Littelton as many coming out on spring tides again though.
Quite a few silver eels to be had in estuary up towards Shirehampton and sea mills if that is your bag.
Hope this helps as it is the information you require.
If still in Doubt ring Veals in Bristol and ask for Steve Ace, he will always give good advice, you can say Andrew Sartain told you. He knows me well.
All the best

Thanks Guys, went on the Veals catch report and they have been catching small cod and rays on lug and squid...will just have to plan some time this week to go down to Ladybay fo a session.

Thanks again
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