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Whats been happening then?

Hi back on line at last ,thanks to Tay for her help, telling France telecom we were stopping the payments speeded things up as well. Already fittted two new windows and made shutters, two new floors laid and the base for the workshop all on about 25 litres of wine, not bad going even had time to visit Simon and Zoe and the boys.

Settled in then?

Good to hear how you're getting on. Hope it's going well.


How about some photos?
Blue Sky

Glad to see you back and posting. It was great to see you both again. At last you got the line sorted eh?

Hope to see you again soon. Maybe at your place next time if you are too busy to gallavant around. I really must appologise but I posted the picture that you told me not to post Embarassed

S'ok, nobody will find it anyhow. Wink

I know where it is, good to see you back online.

Thank's all, oh and by the way that is not my belly it's one I'm breaking in for Bodger. Laughing Laughing Laughing

...and Simon if you you don't get that one of my bum off Flickr soon you and me are going to fall out !

Hello Madmonk, great to hear how things are going - you're going to love it here !!! Very Happy

Good to see that you are online at last! I had been away (with no phone line) so hadn't yet had any luck with getting through to FT. It was on my 'to do ' list for today...

Still haven't found our wedding rings yet. Sad But the metal detector is excellent, thank you; found lots of odd bits and pieces. I'll give you a call soon. Cool
Blue Sky

hardworkinghippy wrote:
...and Simon if you you don't get that one of my bum off Flickr soon you and me are going to fall out !

S'ok. It's in a private group and as you are my only 'flikr buddy' so far no-one else can see it. Wink

Just like to add that if you have any IT thingy's that need doing in France Tay is in that business if you hadn't already known. Ta

when are you coming up then Simon, I need you to show me how to put photos on?
Blue Sky

Next month some time if that is OK after I break up for the summer. Wink

Let us know if you need anything bringing. (i.e. frozen duck comes to mind - or are you insistent on a fresh one)?


You can bring the duck if you like or save it till we come down. Oh by the way great picture of Irenes bum.

Oh yes, Tay never gives up when it comes to helping with IT stuff...many a time she's continued to provide an after service way beyond the call of duty.
In fact, I daren't say anything about any IT probs we have, cos she helps and I feel guilty.
Very Happy
Oh I didn't see that photo of you on the steps Ray, so I guess no one else did. If you're running that belly in for Bodger, who am I running one in for?
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