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john of wessex

Whats happened to my Cucumbers?

I got three plants, two 'mini munch' and an ordinary. The Mini Munchs have just wilted & died and the ordinary one is on the way out as well.

The plants are in grow bags in the greenhouse which usually has the door open. The other plants - tomato's Aubergines & Peppers are going strong, as are the seedlings - beans, sprouts, sweetcorn etc

frost or virus are usually the culprit for death with curcubits
john of wessex

The Courgette is fine

umm ,position might have saved the courgette or it might be resistant .

not much help i spose Rolling Eyes

If the leaves on the dead/dying plants still look green even if wilted then I would suspect something is nibbling them off at or just below ground level.
If the leaves are black then suspect a touch of frost. Brown/sandy white then heatstroke - the sun can be surprisingly strong on a clear day.
wellington womble

I've got a few seriously scorched brassicas from a couple of weeks back, but it's also been very cold at night. I haven't put my tender plants out yet, because night time temperatures have been so dire.

my tender ones are all out ,a tad scorched a little battered but hanging on well .they are raised and in a city and sheltered and in polystyrene boxes against walls .

and i have used some litter picked chinese lanterns as anti frost clothes a couple of times
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