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when a vet says...

"i have never seen anything like this" you know your hound is special Rolling Eyes

ki has been poorly for about 6 weeks, she showed symptoms of bladder issues, so far we have eliminated infection, calculi and classic TCC of the bladder lining.
during her scan/xrays yesterday my very excellent vet was catheterizing her and noticed an unusual small red ulcer on ki's ladybits, this turned out to have companions.

these may or may not account for the unusual "little pink fibrogelatinous clumps" she sometimes adds into strained and low volume urinations or all of these may be a sign of something else.

anyway more samples sent to look for a stealthy primary cause and we await news while using anti inflams to ease the symptoms.

at the mo it is officially "odd" . all of us suspect bad and odd but we just don't know cos it is odd.

ps i have trust in my vet and her colleagues ( they had not seen anything like it either )

That's rubbish news. I hope she's back to her normal self very soon.

Fingers crossed for you both.

ta folks

Fingers very crossed that this is temporary or easily treatable. I'm not skilled or trained in vet matters but read a lot, and the first thought that came to mind was canine herpes . . . has that been ruled out?

I recon the 3 vets together would have identified that one fairly easily.

she has had a couple of episodes but nowt too bad or extended although she has lost condition day by day she is still quite jolly enough for some bucket list treats.
this aft she is leaving the difficult chap at home and having a pub lunch.

she has started reading war and peace but ......

Ah, that's why I hesitated before posting. Hey ho.

umm yep, we started off hoping it was a simple UTI but ...

anyway on a jollier note she went for a rather nice pub lunch of hams and cheese with table service by her friends while she sat on a throne of jumpers Laughing

it was a bit much for her but she really enjoyed it.

we were right to look for a stealth cause, having eliminated the obvious stuff that match the symptoms the latest test results are in.

no mobile transformational cells but a high white blood cell count and the leukocytes have been greedily eating bacteria.

tis a bit impossible to culture bacteria after they have been engulfed so we are trying a longer course of broad spectrum antibiotics to go after any site of infection.

the blackheads/boils on her brisket and the lady bit issues might be a secondary symptom, the obvious primaries such as the historic toe wound and assorted horsefly bites all seem very quiet and well healed.

overall it could be looking a lot worse but she is still poorly , titrate the patient and light nursing is a reasonable plan.

Fingers crossed that the drugs do their business. Smile

quite good news , we've always found the dogs respond well to the antibiotics, good luck.
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