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Blue Sky

When do the clocks go back ...

... in France?

Does anyone know? It seems to be a bit of an enigma here. We could do with that extra hour of daylight here on a morning although I realise it will only be a matter of days/weeks until we are back in the same predicament Crying or Very sad

Winter calls.

I thought it was only Britain that did it?

No, we do it in France too! That way we're always an hour ahead of you.

I just hate these dark mornings and really feel for the kids as school starts at 8.00 (8.30 for the really little'uns) it's too early! Well it's the the teachers I feel for really!

It's the same time as the UK - next weekend.

29th October here...can't speak for France though.

It says in my diary "Sunday 29 October British & EU Summer Time ends". Someone has written boo-hoo alongside. Crying or Very sad

my moon calendar says 29th for here

found this on france
there's a post a few down with a link in to a french site. My french isn't very good but looks like they go back at 3am on the 29th for france too

last sunday in october in Italy, so I presume it is in france too!

Thanks folks

I'll make the most of the remainder of this last week of "summertime" then Crying or Very sad

Cheers, S
Blue Sky

Whoops Embarassed 'Twas I! (who logged me out then? Evil or Very Mad )
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