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where can I learn to fish?

I have no idea whatsoever about fishing but would like to catch fish for food. But how on earth do I learn? I realise there are books and tv programmes but its not the same as someone showing you? I have learnt how to catch crayfish but thats it, and I only learnt because someone showed me that. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am a middle aged woman, hardly tough! I dont have any male family or friends who fish, which seems to be the way most people learn. Crying or Very sad

Where are you Boris? There may be someone on here local to you who would help you out.

I live in Surrey, in Mytchett

Join your nearest and most convenient sea fishing club, or book onto a fishing charter boat trip at your nearest fishing port (with a charter skipper who is prepared to give instructions to novices and has gear for hire). Or take a walk along your nearest decent beach or pier about an hour before high tide and have a chat with anyone you see fishing - most anglers I know are prepared to give advice to newcomers.

Don't discount books and videos as a good means to get you into the swim. I can guarentee that all fishermen, no matter of what standard, will have read or watched dozens, if not hundreds of them.

A half day boat trip can be a really good learning experience, this link is a good resource. It gives you the phone numbers so you can give the skipper a call to chat about what you might need to take with you. All good boats have full gear for hire. It's a great day out, even if you don't catch too much. I hope you have fun.

Or just go & sit on the harbour wall with an icecream & watch what others do.
Paying particular attention to those catching fish.
Very Happy

Wotcha Boris,

Do you want to learn river/lake fishing or sea fishing ? two different disciplins there.

My brother in law has had fly fishing lessons (a birthday present) and has got on famously. He had lessons here but you could find out if you have a local fly fishing association. Maybe ask in the local shop or wherever you buy fishing licenses from?

I have just googled and straight away discoverd that you have a lake there used by fishermen, ok, for pike but you might find someone locally who can help.

Thank you all.......I dont live my the sea so I guess it would have to be fresh water fishing but can you catch fish to eat that way?And is it cost effective? I think I would prefer sea fishing if possible. Umm, do I have to have maggots?

Go and read some books or go on a fishing forum. Get some basic ideas and take it from there. Smile

Trout are delicious freshwater fish and there are others but fly fishing is not cost effective. It's a pleasure and a hobby and will provide you with the occasional delicious supper. Mind you, you could go to one of those places where you fish from specially stocked lakes.

Course (rivers & stillwaters) fishing involves rod licences & joining angling clubs (there are very few free to fish rivers in the uk, nearest one i can think of near to you is salisbury) There is also a closed season, ending on june 15.

If you can get down to bognor or similar, there is no closed season for sea fishing and you dont need a licence. Get a copy of total sea fishing mag, theres usfull stuff for beginers in it.

Have a look at Anglers net forums too, there are sections on Sea, Course, Kayak fishing, etc.

If you want to get into sea fishing, i can talk you thru what you'll need & what to do if you want.

You don't need maggots for sea fishing Smile

Found a bit of free to fish river nearer to you, here;

So far the merits of sea fishing win my vote, particularly the lack of maggots Surprised

The freefishing site was useful, thanks Very Happy

I live about an hour from the sea, but i try to get down regularly.

There is a tackle shop in Bognor, if you can get yourself down there & tell them you're a newbie, they'll sort you out. You can usually get a rod/reel combination for around 20. Probably best to start with ready made rigs (the bit with the hook on) & some 4oz leads. Mainline of 15lb breaking strain is fine for summer. You'll need a shock leader to tie to the end of your mainline, the last 8 yards or so. This is to take the strain of casting the lead, 10lb breaking strain for every oz of lead, so if using a 4oz lead you need 40lbs bs shock leader. Bait can be ragworm, mackerell,squid, prawns, crabs etc.

Or, if that sounds to complex, you could start off with a spinning rod & a lure called a dexter wedge, which only involves casting the lure out & retrieving.

Fish like mackerell, bass, scad & pollack will take the lure. A pair of forceps for removing the hook would be usefull. Also a "priest" for knocking the fish on the head.

You will need a tape measure & a minimum size list.

If fishing in summer, a bucket of iced water, mackerell will go off very quickly on a hot beach. Or you could bury them till you leave.
Have a look at my thread on returning mackerell safely

Thank you but how do you know how and where to cast the line out! I mean, you have to have some idea where to put it and where the fish are!

Boris wrote:
Thank you but how do you know how and where to cast the line out! I mean, you have to have some idea where to put it and where the fish are!

That's not my experience of fishing Rolling Eyes

Sea fishing is the way to go, and most anglers will be more than willing to offer help.
Best time to go is after the beach lovers have gone home, that is when the beach casting sea fishermen crawl out from under the rocks!

Good point. You'll need to check the tide times before you set out,

The tides change over 2 weeks from spring tides to neap tides, neaps are when there is little difference between high and low, but springs are very different. if you went to bognor on a low spring tide the sea will be miles away.

Best to fish an incoming spring tide, you only need to cast 20-50 yards, the bass are usually around the second breaking wave out. Mackerell will be around that distance too. As Sako said, find another angler to show you how to cast. Its not hard, i taught meself, just took a bit of practicing.
king rat

If you are in Mytchett I am about 3 miles from you, I regularly sea and coarse fish and would be hapy to lend a hand. I have a boat on the south coast and a glut of fish. Give me a pm and I would be happy to help Very Happy

is there anyone in the northwest (around blackburn, lancashire) that would be able to give me some advice and guidance on fishing, i think it would mainly be sea fishing i would like to learn.

murdrobe wrote:
is there anyone in the northwest (around blackburn, lancashire) that would be able to give me some advice and guidance on fishing, i think it would mainly be sea fishing i would like to learn.

Ditto for Yorkshire. My daughter is very keen to go.
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